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Florida’s K9 P.I. Inc. Trains COVID-19 Scent Detection Dogs

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — We are pleased to announce that K9 P.I. Inc, in conjunction with PepeDogs™, is jumping into the fight to better protect people from COVID-19. Our companies are no stranger to training scent dogs on a wide variety of signature odors, consisting of but not limited to; entomology, nematology, agriculture, environmental conservation and medical alert applications including the detection of melanoma skin cancer.

K9 P.I. Inc
We utilize the same proprietary method for all of our scent work. Our dogs have been independently tested by a variety of researchers including this from the University of Florida, USDA, Walt Disney Conservation Program and Penn State University.

Across all disciplines we have shown consistent rates for accuracy exceeding 97% with false indication rates of less than 4%.

We have already successfully trained a dog to detect COVID-19 and are currently in the process of adding additional dogs to our workforce arsenal. Incorporating the COVID-19 signature odor into our training method works because COVID-19 produces unique odor chemicals and causes metabolic changes in those infected with the virus, resulting in odors that dogs can detect (*note 1). Furthermore, UVC radiation ensures that the signature odor will be free of active viral particles / non infective per a research protocol (*note 2).

The training process takes between 4-12 weeks, which depends on the dogs’ level of experience upon entering the training program. Once trained, our dogs are deployed to real world environments such as Sporting Events, Cruise Ships, Conventions, Wedding Venues and Concerts amongst many others.

Unlike other scent detection applications, our dogs will be evaluated monthly due to the sensitive nature and importance of maintaining the best accuracy possible. Though we understand that the employment of our dogs will not guarantee a venue 100% accuracy, it will though allow the venues another layer of protection in limiting the possibility of positive COVID from entering the venue.

Our COVID detection services are greater than 90% accurate, can accommodate screening of a large number of people, but are also non-invasive in nature. Although the dogs are not the silver bullet in solving this particular detection problem, they are one of the most accurate, least intrusive methods for covering large areas or groups of people. An alert by a COVID-19 detection dog would be an indication that further testing is needed to confirm the presence of the virus.

Let us journey into 2021 healthier and safer as we help, one sniff at a time.

WEB: https://thek9pi.com/

K9 P.I. Inc., 8289 112th Ter N, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33412.

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(2) https://www.ajicjournal.org/article/S0196-6553(20)30756-2/fulltext

News Source: K9 P.I. Inc.

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