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Curamei Technologies Announces Digital Platform Enabling Patients to Take Charge of Their Health Data

PONTE VEDRA, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — The new Curamei platform seeks to improve quality of care by putting patients at the center of the exchange of health data with providers, overcoming the challenges of fragmentation. Almost universally, receiving high-quality affordable healthcare is recognized as an expensive and inconvenient affair.

Curamei Technologies
For overworked healthcare providers, it is incredibly difficult to get the time to keep track of patients and organize care plans that work to enhance patient lifestyles. For those facing chronic health issues, the situation is even more dire as different health specialists and care organizations often do not collaborate well to create the most effective treatment plans. At the root of these quality issues are the challenges of collecting health data.

The administrative burdens of documenting care and inconvenient methods of accessing health data have massively contributed to a crisis of physician burnout that has greatly increased costs across the industry. While providers struggle to access medical records, it is no wonder that digital health products like smart watches and biometric trackers have been greatly underused. The fact of the matter is that for a provider who barely has time to see the patient, there is not enough time to go through and learn how to analyze data from these digital health products to enhance care.

Aditya Singh, co-founder of Curamei Technologies, comments, “We see these issues in the context of a great debate over how consumers should have control over their own data. In a field as sensitive as healthcare, why should patients not have direct access to and the ability to directly share their own health data? As such, we set out to create the ideal tool for patients to take control of their health data.”

Through the Curamei platform, patient users have the ability to organize various types of health data from patient portals, digital health products, and physical documents. With this capability, patients can then share directly with providers, which allows care providers to bypass obstacles to data access while also receiving valuable health information in an easily digestible format.

“As we work to expand functionality and support for different sources of data, we will also make a special effort to ensure that Curamei can be applied to improving the quality of care for patients of all income levels,” elaborates Singh. “Through community health and social care organization partnerships, we will use Curamei as a tool for care collaboration and tackling issues of waste in healthcare resources.”

Learn more about company solutions at: https://curameitech.com/why-curamei

About Curamei

Curamei is a platform which empowers patients with the tools to aggregate their health data and share it with care providers. Through presenting information in an easily digestible format and facilitating intuitive control of data exchange, the platform will alleviate the challenges of poor health industry interoperability while serving as a tool for facilitating care collaboration between various providers, social care, community health, and public health organizations.

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